Building unique software so that the government is able to digitize all its internal and external processes. That's what we do at Zaaksysteem. Think of the processing of subsidy applications or permits. Every request is registered in our system and processed step by step. This way, the government has a grip on its information management in no-time and you are helped quickly and effectively. As a result, more and more organizations are working with our application. And, because we develop with public money, we believe that transparency is important; therefore, our software is Open Source and can be used by everyone.

We still have some spots available

Are you interested in technology, do you want to work with next-level software and real professionals? Do you know what humour is, do you have a big mouth, but do you, on the other hand, roll up your sleeves when hard work has to be done? We might have a job for you.


As a devops I’m a Jack of all trades. So I’m involved in larger projects and smaller ad hoc things. I help our support department and consultants with technical adjustments on the platform and I feel responsible for security and automation. Detecting and registering bugs and ensuring we have a stable platform is daily fair. What’s important in my work isn’t just what I do, but the way we do it: open source. And above all the feeling that I have an extra family.


I can summarize working as a frontend developer at in three words: 'a dire challenge'. All facets of frontend development are represented, from optimizing the build-processes to the development of reusable components in React. The variety and technical depth of the work really appeals to me above all else. There is always something to learn and to improve. Lastly, social activities such as drinks and outings are abundant as well. Want to know more? Let me know!


As a backend developer I work together with a nice group of colleagues on various solutions to keep the platform stable and fast. Projects vary from fine-tuning an Elastic Search query to refactoring API requests that show reduced performance on our new python platform. Every feature and change we implement is thought about and decided on as a team, so that we can easily expand it in the future. In summary, there’s plenty to do here!

"Let's have a beer"

Peter said to Michiel, seven years ago. As an information specialist within the government, Peter noticed that there was no system that made working from processes possible. All available software merely supported working from documents, which caused unnecessary delays in the handling of applications. It also made it impossible to manage information centrally. So what is the alternative?

Michiel, with his technical knowledge as a programmer, immediately saw possibilities. One beer became two beers and together they launched the current

In addition to continuous development, together with our team of more than 30 professionals, we ensure successful implementations. Besides that, we advise government organizations on effective case-oriented working. In other words: the philosophy behind this digital working method. It's no coincidence that we're growing exponentially. This is a new challenge for which we would also like to use your knowledge and ambitions. 

Our fuel

To be the best, we invest in everyone who contributes to our success. That doesn't mean we overload you with extras to show you how extra we are. With us, you’re able to do what you do best and get plenty of space to get even better at it. And yes, okay, of course we offer a few extras:

Real lunches

Bye-bye soggy, day-old buns

Enough beer

After all, we originated by having a beer

Qualitative work material

So no beaten-up laptop from the Jurassic period


Evenings and weekends are all yours

By the way, are you interested in the technology behind 
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